Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Tree Frog Spawning Event!

Last night they got it together. Or should I say, a couple, at least one male and at least one female green tree frog got together and produced some spawn. An egg mass. Fortunately in a bucket of rain water rather than in either of the bath tubs, both having their own squad of voracious fish.

The rain holding up for a half hour allowed me out with my phone to get a couple of shots. My increasing ability with the technology available to me, in this case Blue Tooth, magic! however it works, enabled me to "get" these images to my computer. My half baked skill turned this into a couple of tries. But finally, an image hot off the press as the saying goes..
Green Tree Frog Spawn

I shall be leaving the resulting tadpoles in the bucket until they are big enough not to be eaten by fish. Some people would say we already have enough green tree frogs in our immediate surroundings. I was even thinking that myself only a couple of noisy nights ago. 

Then I thought, probably we'll have a python move in soon. They like frogs. I'll need a replacement population of green tree frogs waiting in the wings and anyway I'll need them to eat up all the mosquitoes resulting from me letting water stand around in buckets.

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