Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yellow Migrant Butterfly

This yellow migrant butterfly has been sipping nectar from lime blossoms, its tongue is still rolling back up.

These butterflies, both white and yellow forms, are a common sight in my garden from September on. Though they lay their eggs on native senna as well as the introduced senna, I don't at the moment have a very large native bush growing.

It's my plan to get a half dozen of these plants going though they are proving difficult to get established. So far I have only the one and that one only about a metre tall, not yet big enough for a concentrated onslaught by caterpillars.

For nectar, these butterflies visit most of the plants flowering this month consisting of canna lilies (weed), Paterson's curse (weed); nasturtium, cherry tomatoes, lomandra and various flowering herbs, such as coriander.

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