Saturday, December 18, 2010

Striped Marsh Frogs

This morning I checked the rain gauge and that is all I have done in the yard today. The guage is mounted on the fence (dog digging and cat hunting skinks prevention) around my vege garden, approximately eight long paces from the back door. Plenty of time to get muddy feet with the ground completely sloppy under the grass.

Which is the joy of living so close to a river. The land here is, in effect, a flood plain with clay soil. This is the reason I built up my vegetable garden and imported a loamy soil.

Normally, when it is not raining, I do a circle around the yard, camera in hand. This is an old photo of a Striped Marsh Frog trying to hide among the stones 'mulching' a pot plant. This is sometime last month, presumably before it was involved in a spawning event, the result the tadpoles now growing up.

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