Thursday, December 30, 2010

Butterfly Central

Yesterday, outside for the first time since Christmas Day - due to rain and bronchitis - I had the three thrills in short order. The first being a sunny day, finally, after more than ten days of rain.

Varied Eggfly 
The second, a visit by a varied eggfly butterfly, sitting briefly with its wings outspread on my garden bench - not enough time to get a photo. But trust me, a beautiful sight. Velvety black upper wings splotched with white eggs, each surrounded by a band of deep purple blue. [Photo of it sitting on washing line with closed wings, to give you an idea of the size]

Third, soon after throwing a mango pit and skins into the sweet potato patch for rotting down, these remains were visited by an Evening Brown butterfly.

I had read in the Jordan and Schwencke book, Create More Butterflies, that Evening Browns prefer fruit juice to nectar, but to have it happening right in front of your eyes on your own patch is still a thrill to me. 

Evening Brown Sipping Mango Cocktail
Makes me want to ensure there are always mango skins, just for the Evening Browns. 

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