Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paper Wasps

I'm having to go back on my word of no spraying under any circumstances but haven't worked out yet how I will do it. I was weeding yesterday and got stung in my face and ear by a couple of paper wasps. Their nest is about 30 centimetres above ground level, hanging from the end of a rose branch in the path into my vegetable garden.

We have two species locally. One that makes a circular nest and the other as per the image below:

This image from Wildlife of Greater Brisbane: a Queensland Museum Wild Guide. Another of my print resources. It's difficult to get close enough without getting stung, hence the copy of J Wright's shot.

All three of the paper wasps featured in the Guide are named just that. This one is the Ropalidia revolutionalis and amazingly always builds in the same region of my yard, between the rear eastern corner of the house and the front western corner of the garage which buildings are about three metres apart.

I say amazing, because though the different colonies are often having to be exterminated (because of getting in the way of people) a few months later a new crowd settles there and it all starts again. Must be an ideal wasp location.

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