Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weeding and Tadpoles

It rained all night with 11 mm in the gauge this morning. Soft, drizzly showers this morning with unbroken cloud cover. Our annual rainfall to the end of October is already 1662 mm so I guess we'll make the two metres of rain, again. And it is fairly warm.

This means an overgrowth of weeds as well as the good growth of the native vegetation I've been planting for the last six years. Every time I go outside I'm pulling what are normally roadside weeds. I've even got thistles this summer.

Serious weeding is usually kikuyu grass, broad leaf paspalum which is a shade lover and competitor of basket grass and maidenhair fern. Weeding kikuyu consists of zipping back the runners and pulling out the plants. the paspalum has to be pulled out plant by plant. These grow close together, in a clump, which alternately can be mattocked out.

In the meantime the tadpoles are growing up. Here seen consuming a dog kibble. Voracious little critters that will graze on various sorts of algae, roots of water plants such as azola as well as suck dry dead fish and snails.

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